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Darshan Bagul

Passionate Data Scientist and Software Developer

I am a technology enthusiast interested in employing Artificial Intelligence for solving challenges faced by humanity. My research interest is at the confluence of Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. As a software engineer and experienced machine learning practitioner, I believe in making impact using my diverse skillset. Playing Tabla and guitar, enjoying a game of football or being a hobby artist form part of my creative pass time.

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name: Darshan Bagul E-mail: phone number: +1 (716) 275 7514 website:
Who am i?
Currently working as Deep Learning Specialist at McKinsey & Co. and a Research Associate with SUNY Research Foundation. Recent graduate in Computer Science with specialisation in Deep Learning from SUNY Buffalo. Previously studied Electronics and Instrumentation at BITS Pilani, Goa for Bachelor's in Engineering. Experienced Data Scientist and Full stack Developer. Regardless, I believe it is the work that I have done out of personal interests, that define me.
What I'm really good at?
I am good at applying Machine Learning algorithms on big datasets, for extracting value out of raw data which happens to be my passion. I am fascinated by the research on Deep Neural Networks and their impact on different fields such as healthcare, real estate, self-driven vehicles, etc.
I am also good at developing, deploying and maintaining responsive websites using technologies such as Django/Flask, Angular.js, Node.js, CSS3/HTML5 and Amazon AWS host.
How can you contact me?
You can reach me via email/phone mentioned on the left. Feel free to add me on Linkedin or Facebook using links in the footer. You can go through my work on Github as well.
What are my hobbies?
I have had a formal education in Indian classical music with Tabla as my instrument. Currently, I am learning guitar in my free time. Besides, I love to express myself on canvas whenever in the mood. Feel free to discuss anything over a game of Football. If drinking coffee counts, then I am proud to have this hobby!

Here's what i'm doing

Machine Learning

Data Science

Responsive Web

Game Development

work experiences

McKinsey & Co.

( Mar. 2018 : Present ) Deep Learning Specialist

SUNY Research Foundation

( Dec. 2016 : Present ) Research Assistant

SUNY Buffalo

( Aug. 2016 : Feb. 2018 ) Masters in Computer Science

Trestor Infotech Pvt. Ltd

( Jan. 2016 : July. 2016 ) Data Architect

( Jun. 2014 : Dec. 2015 ) Data Scientist

Reflexis Systems

( Jun 2013 : Dec. 2013 ) Software Developer-Intern

BITS-Pilani, Goa

( 2010 : 2014 ) Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics & Instrumentation

"Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there."

- Will Rogers -

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